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iEnter Japan is a multinational corporation, which functions as a consulting liai­son between corporations, VIPs, celebrities, and manufactures in the areas of product licensing, merchandising, and marketing.  iEnter Japan is a leader ac­tive in the development and implementation of business ventures be­tween Japan and America.

In 1984 IEnter Japan started out by representing a few American companies and through marketing their businesses in Japan has come in contact with many high-level Japanese companies involved several industries. Over the years, iEnter Japan has established a large network that is very well connected in Japan and the US.  This network can give your company the essential expo­sure required to be successful in Japan.  

With iEnter Japan's interconnected business network one thing is guaranteed—it can help your com­pany in its pursuit of success for its products and services in Japan.  

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Our Mission

Experience You Can Trust Your Business With

We guarantee effective and knowledgeable representation for you and your business. Our reputation and history of success with our clients and their business needs speaks for itself. There's no substitution for the best.


02. Dedicated and Loyal Consultants 

The complex, important, and often ground-breaking international business matters on which we work can attract the best and brightest from around the world. And we've been lucky enough to hire and collaborate with the best of the best.


03. We Treat You and Your Business with Respect

Whether your business is looking to get started or it's in need of some negotiation skills, you can rest assured that we’re going to help you. We’re committed to providing you with top notch support and knowledge. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. 

Interconnected business network ac­tive in the development and implementation of US business ventures in Japan.

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